What is an introduction in a research paper? The introduction of a research paper is used to write some aspect of the selected topic. As its name is an introduction, so it means that it is the first paragraph of a term paper. It must be written in such a way that makes the article attractive and engage the reader. Most of the readers want those contents which have such an interesting fact. How to write an introduction for a research paper? There are several ways to write the introduction. In this content, we will discuss some aspects of writing an introduction.

How to write an introduction for a research paper?

Attract the attention

In the starting aspect, you are required to start with those sentences which attract the readers.

The main motive of the writer is to attain the attraction from the reader.

Start with drama or any interesting facts.

If the starting of a particular content is impressive, then the further material automatically becomes interesting.


You need to explain why you have chosen the topic.

While explaining the right, you can add some questions which will help you in the next aspect known as the body.

As a writer, you have selected the topic because there are lots of facts which you want to share with the audience.

Through the reasons, the reader will get some knowledge about the subject and is the reason behind it.


The topic which you have chosen is something new that you like to share.

In summary, you can write those benefits.

The one more thing which you can write in the introduction is that what are the benefits of reading this article or the content?

Works as outline

The introduction works as an outline of the whole content. In framework generally, we write those aspects which we want to explain in the material.


Same as the process is followed the introduction paragraph. You are writing the short paragraph which is consisting of the entire concept which you want to write in the further content.

Thus, these are some tips that you need to follow while writing an introduction paragraph. In all the research paper, the introduction and the conclusion are the two main things that engage the reader. Try to make it attractive to get proper attention.